Screen Time
Add a Transparent Stamp or Signature to a PDF
Signed URLs with Backblaze B2
Bought an Office Chair: the Herman Miller Aeron
Radio Telescope Effelsberg
Decoding Images from Space
Second factor authentication for SSH
Building a website with my kids
Firefox’s Site Specific Browser
Making PDFs searchable
Network-Wide Ad-Blocking with UniFi
Live streaming on a budget
My Firefox Extensions for 2020
i3, again
Unique email per service
Dark Theme
Villa Empain, Brussels
Configuring a JCM Tech WAVE motion receiver
Landing your first developer job
The InterPlanetary File System
Switching to i3
Linux Application Development
Restore color of old LEGO bricks
Raspberry Pi emulation
The year of my Linux desktop
Configuring a wireless network adapter on Ubuntu
Palmer Writing Method
Continuous integration with Drone
The Mutt e-mail client
HSTS in Rails
2014 Reading List
Archiving our digital heritage
Thunderbird and Google SMTP timeouts
Error handling with Ember Data
Switching to Linux
Public & private keys for a Bitcoin address
Highlight debug code in Vim
Send coins to a multisig address
Getting started: Bitcoin testnet
MongoHQ review
1% for Open Source
My daily worklog workflow
Photovoltaic output with a Flukso
LaTeX invoice package and MacTex
Ruby and OpenSSL certificates
Samsung ML-2165W printer review
Advance WB-IP02W WiFi-G IP-camera review
Getting started: relays
Programming an Arduino Ethernet via FTDI adapter
Simple getters in Backbone.js
Rake and multiple arguments
Rails 3.1 asset pipeline in production
Sinatra view tests with Capybara & HAML
Capybara POST requests
An internet-connected lamp
Send data from a computer to an Arduino
Lightroom to iPhoto export update 1.2
Click on an image in a link with Capybara
Ruby 1.9 server encoding
Thinking Sphinx and God
Sinatra, DataMapper and RSpec 2
Rails 3, time to give back
Rendering GPS logs in Ruby
Form submit in a Rails functional test
No more error_messages_for in Rails 3
Validate composite keys in Rails 3
Shuffle an array in Ruby
Building a 64-bit prefpane
How many days in a month
Multi size default images with paperclip
Sync data with Dropbox
RuPy 2009 roundup
Belgian iPhone & iPad apps
RailsRumble reflections
Moving my ISP: from Telenet to Dommel
Favorite iPhone apps
Updating bundles with Sparkle
Fishy EcoStrip
ZooCamp Antwerp
A Belgian web conference
Sharecard for iPhone
Wikipodium meeting Gent
BarCamp Antwerp
LazyPoken, a Poken autostarter
Bind user defaults to different identifier
Do you Poken?
The future of business cards
BarCamp Gent
Twitter as news source?
Mobile Momentum?
Mobile Monday Brussels
TechCrunch Belgium meetup
Mobile Monday Amsterdam
From Dopplr to OpenStreetMap
A TLD for Flanders?
Drupal multi-site without subdomains
Welcome Geode
Warehouse is now open source
Adobe CS4 launch in Gent
dConstruct 2008 roundup
Happy 1st Birthday!
iPhone barcode scanners
Mac apps for switchers
Lustro on the streets
Launching milkcarton with Lustro
Firefox Download Day
Displosable RSS feeds
Automated website spell checks with Spellr
GeoRSS with Ruby on Rails
Generated maps with Ruby on Rails
iTunes song ratings with Funes file sharing
Google Social Graph in RoR
Missing gems in LightTPD
DIY flash diffuser
Remember The Milk interface for iPhone
Create a small disk image
Unlocked French iPhone upgrade to 1.1.3
iPodia for Wikipedia
Freemarker syntax highlighting for TextPad
Lightroom to iPhoto export
Unlocking a French iPhone
Leopard Tech Talk notes
Microformats book review
Installing ImageMagick & RMagick for Ruby on Rails
Sitemaps in Ruby on Rails
My Flickr photos with RoR
GZIP output compression
Apache versus LightTPD
Automated Technorati ping
Web design checklist
Apache AddHandler or AddType directive?