Rails 3, time to give back

Please donate a few bucks to the “Rails 3: Appreciate with Charity” campaign.

A few weeks ago Rails 3 was released and I moved my blog to this latest and greatest release. The next day DHH launched a fundraising campaign for clean water on the “mycharity: water” site.

I use Rails for almost all of my personal and professional projects for free, not paying a single Euro for license fees or the libraries around it. I make money with something I download for free so I think it's about time to give something back. If I can give back by donating some money to charity I really see no excuse not to.

Rails 3 donations visualized

As there is not too much content in this post and I still want it to be important I thought it would be nice to add some images. I wrote a little script to scrape the donations from the website and render some silly graphs it with gnuplot. You can easily see interest dropped fast after the first few days (you can still change that).

Donations per day
Cumulative donations per day

So, once more, if you didn’t donate yet and you use Rails you can still show we are an awesome community and we can do more than writing pretty code!

Ah, in case you are wondering: the “mycharity: water” site was built with Ruby on Rails.