Eleven years of blogging, a retrospective.

Eleven years. I needed a little side project to play with that new web framework everyone was talking about. You could build a blog in as little as 5 minutes! I thought it would be fun to try to smash something together in time for the dConstruct 2011 conference and a blog was born. It probably took me the better part of the weekend to get my first Rails app up and running, right in time for the conference. That was .

It even landed me my first paid Rails job. They asked for some Rails sample code on the interview and this blog was the only I had to show for.


It’s a trip down memory lane browsing through my past ramblings on this blog. It’s kind of a diary in its own way and shows what I have been busy with over the last 11 years: most of it is Ruby on Rails, there was a busy BarCamp period, a long silence (that’s me being a dad now), a Bitcoin period and more recently it’s all Lego stuff.

The Lego page was added to keep track of my kid’s collection so the family knows what to buy. It was a prime candidate to learn CSS grid techniques and that is what this blog always has been about: a place to try and play with web stuff.

The blog has seen different iterations, with long periods of silence but it's still around! A nice achievement if you know the average lifetime of a webpage is around 100 days (data from ).


In I moved the Rails app to a simpler static Jekyll website so I no longer had to maintain a full Rails application. The migration to Jekyll went smoothly but I never really took time to come up with a new design. For years it simply had some half-finished CSS mix that was kind off responsive. Fast forward to Tiago’s CSS grid presentation: time to learn something new and finally finish the designing part of this website. I redid the design over the summer holidays and here it is a fully responsive version built using proper CSS grids.


The website will never be finished, of course, it will be neglected again, start to annoy me, until I force myself to bring it back to life once more. There are a few rough edges to finish before taking on a new project: